Getting personal

The Herald

It is not common but sometimes artists get to exhibit their work in different galleries at the same time. That’s good if the artist is versatile so that you don’t get a feeling of deja vú. This is not the case with Carola Rousso. In A Place to Dream she uses a very personal technique which helps her materialize truly touching, beautiful, even magical images in which male bodies intertwined in lush and disturbing vegetation, showing oneiric, almost Pre-Raphaelite portraits of the faces of beautiful young men. Most appear as through veils and flowers, reminding one of the youths that Pasolini so loved. In spite of their looks and the subject, Rousso doesn’t fall into the trap of mannerism in which in which other (mostly gay) photographers can fall into. Perhaps because she is a woman.

Alfredo Cernadas
Diario Buenos Aires Herald, 29 de agosto 2004